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The websites below are interesting and informative for those who would like to know more about Islam. This does not mean that we fully agree with their contents and way of communication or take any responsibility for the statements they make.

www.faithfreedom.org is the English language site of the Iranian-Canadian ex-muslim Ali Sina. The site is full of information about Islam. All articles are based on islamic source texts. The site has a Dutch section and international as well as Dutch forums.

People against Islam is an organisation of Flemish former muslims who present themselves on their site as follows: “People Against Islam is an organisation that originated from the former  'Flemish Committee of Ex-muslims'. Our group will focus on the fight against the islamisation of Flanders.

www.jihadwatch.org is an English language website that reports on worldwide jihad-activities. The man behind the site is Robert Spencer. He has written a number of books about Islam and analyses the elements from the Quran and the Hadith that jihadis use to justify their acts of violence.

www.usc.edu/dept/MSA was originally the English language site of the Muslim Student Association of America. In 2008, this site has been transformed into the “Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement”. You can find 3 translations of the Quran in English as well as the most important Hadith-collections and some interesting background information on Islam. When we quote any Hadith, we make a link to this site. The question that we have about this site is how young, intelligent muslims were able to translate from Arabic to English a great many Hadith that are plainly humiliating to Muhammad and to publish them without running away from Islam as fast as they can.

www.ex-muslime.de is the German language site of the Centrale Council of German Former Muslims

www.ex-muslim.org.uk/ is the English language site of the British Council of Former Muslims. They have a strong atheist orientation and fight against the influence of any religion on society with a focus on Islam.

www.formermuslimsunited.org/ is the English language site of an organisation of former Muslims in the USA

www.liderescrema.com/ is the Spanish language site of “Creyentes Magrebíes”, an organisation of former Muslims in Spain who have converted to Christianity.

www.exmuslim.com/ is the English language site of an international group of former Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

www.notredamedekabylie.net/ is the French language site of a group of Algerian former Muslims who have converted to Christianity.

www.labidikm.com is the site (in French) of a Tunisian former muslim, ex-terrorist, ex-imam

www.islam-documents.org is the site (in French) of an atheist organisation www.atheisme.org with plenty of information about the origins of Islam